Best farmer’s markets in San Antonio

Farmer’s markets – and the organic foods they sell – are making a big comeback. For a while, it looked like agricultural giants were going to drive farmers out of business – the latter could hardly compete with the mass-production prices of the former.

Somewhere along the line, however, people realized that mass-produced fruit and vegetables aren’t good for you and can bring about a host of health issues (the same goes for factory-farmed meat). You probably haven’t heard many good things about Monsanto, and with good reason – unlike farmers, these people will sacrifice customers’ health for profits.

But enough about economics – let’s get down to an overview of the best farmer’s markets in San Antonio and the healthy goodies you can find there.

Farmer’s Markets in San Antonio

Pearl Farmer’s Market: Pearl’s is less your typical market and more of an event. A single visit will show you that there’s a lot more going on than just the sale of whole foods – from dogs running around to classy live music being played, this market will make you feel as if you came to the right place even before you’ve tasted the goods. And good they are – the food is top-notch quality and grown with love, as it should be. But there’s more to eat at Pearl’s than just fruits, veggies and the occasional steak – this farmer’s market is known for its quaint bakeries and food stalls selling all kinds of amazing dishes cooked and baked with only the best ingredients. If you’re wanting to try some great cuisine without worrying about health, make sure to empty up your Saturday schedule and stop by this amazing place. Consider taking a ride down to the farmer’s market at Pearl…

Sprouts Farmer’s Market: One thing people tend to notice about this place is that prices run a little high, especially for meat (which there isn’t a lot of). Yet it would be hard not to call them justified – your own health isn’t something you want to be saving money on. As opposed to most open space farmer’s markets, this one more closely resembles a Whole Foods store without the negative associations that a big brand carries. Sprouts seems to specialize in health foods more than anything else, featuring a variety of supplements that are meant to boost your health and get you ino the next gear. There’s also no shortage of health-conscious pre-made dishes like sandwiches and various lunches. All in all, you won’t regret a visit to Sprouts if you’re a conscious eater.

Greenling: Greenling is a revolution among San Antonio’s farmer’s markets in that it offers timely door-to-door delivery on virtually all of their products. That’s right – you don’t even have to leave home to get some of the best whole foods in the state. What separates Greenling from similar deliveries is their absolute dedication to quality – all of the food they sell might as well have been grown on a family farm (and there’s a good chance that it was). The inventory is also impressive: aside from all manners of fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains, you also have access to free-range meat and dairy products from farms that love their cows. If you can’t bother to make a lengthy trip to shop healthy, Greenling will be a godsend.