3 great ideas to decorate your home

There can be a world of difference between as little as two homes: one can consist of simple rooms painted in white with a couple of modest sofas and bedding, while the other can feature lively colors, extravagant lighting, sound and cinema systems, expensive carpets, fountains… It’s not just about the means of the individual – matter of fact, those with lesser means often have homes with nicer interiors than rich folks who are too busy working to decorate in accordance with their heart’s desire.

If you’re looking to decorate your home and add some nice touches to it, you don’t need a big bank account or a sizeable loan to get started – all you need is some creativity and the knowledge of where to look. Here are 3 great and affordable home decor ideas.

  1. Improved lighting: As easy as it seems, moving away from standard lighting into something that’s equally as pleasing (and won’t trigger epileptic attacks) is tough. There’s a reason why standard home lights are rarely changed – they work well for the majority of people, especially since many believe that the whole point of home lighting is to simulate daytime. Still, don’t be afraid to deviate on your way to the perfect home – many find that lighting with motion is exactly what their home needs to shine. Try replacing some of your dull lightbulbs and lamps with a water lamp or even one that sits below a fish tank – it’s not the cheapest alteration, but it’s one that can significantly alter your home for the better. Play with ambient lighting as well – instead of lighting up a whole room from the middle, try to install dimmed lamps strategically so that it’s almost difficult to guess where the lighting is coming from.
  2. Leather furniture: Alright, we’ll go ahead and admit it: we have a thing for leather furniture. There aren’t many better ways to make a living room appear classier and more expensive (even when the furniture itself doesn’t cost a lot). You can play with multiple combinations here: from a single sofa and an armchair to two sofas, an armchair and a massage chair, all leather – it all depends on the size of your living room and the amount of money you can spend. Speaking of money, you’ll have to make a choice between actual or faux leather, with the former being much more expensive. Here’s a trade secret: most people can’t tell the difference between real and ‘fake’ leather, and there’s a good chance you might be one of them. Moreover, should you find yourself sharing the same roof with a vegan individual, he or she will thank you for not making them sit on the remains of some poor cow.
  3. Wall art: Sure enough, white color on walls is as bland as it gets. Painting them blue, red or bright orange is a start, but how about adding some wall art to it? You’ll definitely want to be careful here – the point of any home is to let its owner relax, and you can hardly do that with distracting imagery wherever you look. Yet, when done right, artwork on walls can transform a room and give it an otherworldly appearance that few other homes boast. Sure, you might need to do some searching to find the right artist and it might take you a while to figure out what he or she ought to draw for best effect, but the ratio of money spent to results enjoyed is tremendous.