3 great ideas to decorate your home

There can be a world of difference between as little as two homes: one can consist of simple rooms painted in white with a couple of modest sofas and bedding, while the other can feature lively colors, extravagant lighting, sound and cinema systems, expensive carpets, fountains… It’s not just about the means of the individual … [Read more…]

Best farmer’s markets in San Antonio

Farmer’s markets – and the organic foods they sell – are making a big comeback. For a while, it looked like agricultural giants were going to drive farmers out of business – the latter could hardly compete with the mass-production prices of the former. Somewhere along the line, however, people realized that mass-produced fruit and … [Read more…]

When to trim or prune your trees

Instead of thinking of trees as an object meant to look good, it’s best to think of them as pets: pets that need love and care in order to stay healthy and feel good. Yes, trees can feel (in their own special way), so you’d do well to exercise care when handling them using sharp … [Read more…]

How to build a raised bed garden

Why a raised bed garden, anyway? Why not just stay content being a garden-variety gardener? Well, one thing raised beds have going for them is tidiness – you’ll enjoy a greater degree of control over your garden and will quickly be able to deal with any issues that might plague it. For many home owners, … [Read more…]